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"Life Celebrations are the Wonder & Joy of Living."

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     Unique and Wonderfully Individual Wedding Ceremonies

  • Traditional Romantic
  • Quietly Unique
  • Family Composed Gatherings
  • Commitment Ceremonies
  • Candle Weddings
  • Sand Ceremonies
  • Heart Lock Weddings
  • Let's Elope
  • Garden - Home - Riverside - Beach - Bush - Winery - Special Locations
  • Fancy Dress Weddings
  • Mask Ball Surprise Weddings
  • Hand Fasting Wedding Rituals
  • Magical Weddings
  • Wine Box, Love Letter, Time Capsule Ceremony
  • Elvin Wedding Ritual
  • Gothic Ritual Wedding Ceremonies

   Dawn - Morning - Midday - Afternoon - Twilight - Midnight   -  Full Moon

      Ceremonies for Individual and Celebrations within Families

  • Renewal of Vows
  • Naming's - Change of Name - Blending of Families
  • Baby - Blessings
  • House Warming's - Clearing's
  • Healing's - Angelic

      Life Celebrations of a Life Well Lived

  • Funeral
  • Home Wake Celebrations

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"Life Celebrations are the Wonder and Joy of Living."

"The spoken and written Word reveal the Intent and Mystic Journey that we all partake of."

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