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"Life Celebrations are the Wonder & Joy of Living."

                       Phone: 0429 031 268                                      We are getting Married!  What do we need to do?

The very first thing you need to do is to choose the right Celebrant to suit your needs and style.  Contact several Celebrants and talk to them to get a "feel" of the right one for you both. This is an exciting time in your lives and the right Celebrant can make your journey into Marriage a wonderful and relaxed event.

The first meeting should be relaxed and enjoyable. If you have the following with you, then you can take the next step and sign the NOIM. (Notice of Intended Marriage)

(1) Need to prove who you are:

Photo ID - Drivers Licence

Birth Certificate - Original - NOT an extract.(see Links page BDM)

Australian Passport - original               

Non-Australian Passport if you were born overseas.

(2) If you have changed your name either by:

Previous Marriage or Deed Poll you will need to supply the following:

    Original Marriage Certificate.(see Links page BDM) 

    Original Change Name Certificate.(see Links page BDM)

(3) Need to prove that you are free to marry:

Never previously been married.- no proof needed

If you have previously been married, you will need an original Divorce Decree.(see Links page Divorce Decree)

If you are widowed, you will need an Original Death Certificate.(see Links page BDM)

(4) Need to prove that you are of legal age:

Over 18 years of age.(There are exceptions to this rule, but it must be approved by a Judge or Court Order) If unable to prove your age then a Statutory Declaration must be filled in to explain.

If you were born overseas, then the requirements are,Original Birth Certificate/Valid non-Australian Passport, Certificate of Divorce - (Divorce Decree), Death Certificate, if these cannot be obtained then you need a Statutory Declaration to explain.If not in English then an official translation is needed.

Once we have the information, we can then proceed to the first legal requirement of signing the NOIM.(no less than one calendar month and lasts up to 18 months). I will supply the NOIM and we will together fill out the necessary information.  Please remember that choosing your Celebrant early will enable your date chosen will be available, as Saturdays are very popular between September and May. (weather is usually very nice). Regulations require two witnesses which must be over 18 years of age.

Your Wedding Day is a wonderful journey into the future and I am privileged and honored to officiate with your family and friends.

Question: Will You Marry Us?
YES, within the Legalities of the LAW. The Marriage Act has changed to
allow all people over the age of 18 to be Married.
Question: Proposed Marriage Visa Applications:
Some couples may require a special letter produced by the Celebrant in order to assist with a Proposed Marriage Visa application. I am able to do this for you and will also provide a certified copy of the Notice of Intended Marriage which can then be given to the Embassy. For more information on a Prospective Marriage Visa visit the Department of Immigration website  
Question: Marriage Certificates:
On the wedding day, you will be required to sign three certificates immediately after the marriage has been solemnized. The People must sign in their usual name (name changes after Wedding Ceremony) and you need to have two witnesses aged over 18 years old. You will be presented with your marriage certificate beautifully prepared using a lovely font. This certificate is a keepsake only and cannot be used to change your name to your new married name.  In order to do this, you will need to apply for the Standard or Official Marriage Certificate with the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages in the State you were married plus a small fee.(see Links page BDM) They will then send you a certified copy of this Marriage Certificate.

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"Life Celebrations are the wonder and Joy of Living."

"The spoken and written word reveal the intent and mystic journey that we all partake of."

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